First of all let me use this opportunity and welcome you on to your personal “Journey to a Healthier you”.

The Slim with Ease® plan has been inspired by the weight loss program I have been following that has enabled me lose over 54kg in less than 2 years. I am not quite there yet, my journey continues, but I understand that I have been a source of inspiration to many, hence my motto; “IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!”

I can assure you all that this plan is very easy it is NOT a DIET, rather a healthy way of eating and a complete lifestyle change that will benefit the whole family, with this plan, the idea of you cooking separate meals from the rest of the family just because you are on a “diet”, needs to go out of the window as the whole family can enjoy all the nutritious, healthy and fun meals that can be cooked with the method we will be using on the plan.

The greatest challenge I know you all will face will be; changing your taste buds and deviating from the “norm”, but I can assure you that within a month, you will not look back as it is all about changing your mindset.

Slim with ease® is just as the name states, you are eating all the foods you love, but losing weight, the only difference is you are eliminating, just two things from your diet. You will find out what these things are once you sign up.

Aims and objectives

Bring the secret of my weight loss to Nigeria (Africa), proving that one can lose weight by eating not just Westernized foods but also by eating our local dishes.

To show that we do not, have to be on a “diet” to lose weight and eat healthy.

To promote healthy eating in the homes and fizzle out the belief that when on a “diet” you can’t still enjoy the same meals with the rest of the family. But with this plan you can enjoy and cook the same healthy food for everyone.

About me

I was seriously overweight for as long as I can remember, I fluctuated between a size 32 and a size 28, sometimes the size 32 clothes were even tight on me but I was able to get along by wearing skirts and jogging bottoms that had elasticated waistbands.

I carried on my daily life as normal as could be expected, considering my size, although I was slightly mobile, I chose to spend most of the day sitting down, walking was a huge struggle and I found myself out of breath struggling to climb a few stairs. Thankfully I drive so I was able to drive anywhere, although I had a motto which was; “if I can’t drive there, then I am not going”. This affected the little social life I had as I refused to go to any venue that did not have parking facilities, I would not go to a gathering that I knew would be crowded and the possibility of there being no chairs. It wasn’t just walking that was my issue, simple tasks like buckling my shoes, painting my toe nails, going up and down to get what I wanted (my kids were turned into my messengers) as they had to do all the running around for me around the house, if I needed something downstairs and they were not around, I would sit and wait till they got back so they could go and get it for me rather than getting it myself. I was severely morbidly obese!!!

As they say; “whenever you wake up is your morning”, I got my wake up call in June 2012. I had been suffering with severe knee pain for a couple of years and it had gotten to the stage that I could not stand in one place for longer than 5 minutes, each time I sat down and stood up it took me ages to get moving. I was referred to seen a surgical orthopaedic consultant, I never envisaged that the pain in my knees had anything to do with my weight – what weight? I wasn’t overweight, I was just chubby and healthy, that is how I used to deceive myself. The consultant took one look at my x-ray and said that my knees looked like the knees of an 86 year old lady as they were riddled with arthritis, he then asked me what I was doing about my weight and I told him that I was unable to exercise as I could not weight bear, he replied by saying; “it’s not the amount of exercise that will help you, it’s actually what you put into your mouth”. He informed me that I am definitely a candidate for knee replacement surgery in the next 5 years and he concluded by saying that he doubted whether I would live that long considering what my weight was. He made an appointment to see me in a year. As I left his surgery that day, I told myself that he had challenged me, in fact he had dared me to stay alive for the next year. That was my turning point, my wake up call, I decided that I would surely live and come back in the next year and show this doctor that I can do it!!!

And that is how my “journey to a healthier me” started and I have never looked back since. If you want to read more about this please visit my blog www.ninas-thoughts.com