Slim with Ease launches in Abuja!

“If I can do it, so can you”

Sign up now for the Abuja launch of the Slim with Ease phenomenon and learn how you can lose weight and still eat the food you like.

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Slim with Ease, a healthy weight loss plan has been inspired by the remarkable weight loss program Nina Ndubuisi has been following, that has enabled her to lose over 60kg in less than 2 years which she has maintained and is still losing. Nina will be in Abuja, on June 20th at Fountain Hall, Nanet Suites , Ekiti House to share her story in the hope that others will be inspired to join her on a healthy journey.  The objective of the event is to bring the secret of her weight loss to Nigeria (Africa), proving that one can lose weight by eating not just Westernized foods but also by eating our local dishes. To show that we do not, have to be on a “diet” to lose weight and eat healthy. To promote healthy eating in the homes and fizzle out the belief that when on a “diet” you can’t still enjoy the same meals with the rest of the family. But with this plan you can enjoy and cook the same healthy food for everyone.

At the Slim with Ease launch, Nina Ndubuisi will deliver a presentation on the product. There will be live music, refreshments, healthy food and drink and an opportunity for networking. We expect men and women from all walks of life to attend the event. Entry to the launch is free.

To attend the event, please register at

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