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Meet Eziafa and Innah, our Slim With Ease Motivators

Mrs Eziafa Nwokolo

For as long as I’ve known myself, I’ve been very active. My father made me play football and hockey, ‎I did the sprints and hurdles in secondary school and even whilst I was working as a full fledged adult.

During NYSC, I was on the Lagos State volleyball team. I swam, played squash and ran in the Oil Industry Games. I’ve given lawn tennis a shot as well. I participated twice in the Lagos State half marathon. I cycle, do aerobics, do TaeBo and recently took up walking. Due to lingering effects of an auto accident from 20yrs ago, I’ve given up running (which I love).

I know that my energy level is wayyyy up there and I try to exhaust my daily dose. Some days are great and some aren’t as I also love to sleep cause without adequate sleep, one will wear out and the purpose of the physical activities will be defeated.

I’m not a professional coach but I love to motivate people to move, I love to ‘drag’ people out of their lethargy as once I can get them to take the first hesitant steps, they’ll be hooked.

Dr Inabriyai Spiff

My motto is “Just move” I manage to incorporate exercise into my daily routine cause I love the rewards of exercising. I exercise at least 5 days a week.

I love weight training the most but lately started running. I’m still hoping to do a 5k one day and then maybe 10k.

The days I can’t run I walk. I love walking but running is better. I don’t love running but trying to develop a good relationship with running.

I like to encourage people to exercise because the health benefits are tremendous.

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