There are several factors that interfere with our daily routine and can have adverse effects when we are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These factors are actually common among all of us but what makes us unique in our own ways is how we deal with it when faced with it.

Most of us ladies tend to retain fluid at certain times of the month, it could occur; before, during or a few days after our monthly period.
When we retain fluid we tend to be heavier and this can reflect on the scales.
I remember one week I had a 4kg gain and I was devastated as I knew I had followed the plan 100% and could not understand why I had such a gain, until my weight loss consultant attributed it to fluid retention.

Tenderness/swelling of the breast
Swollen ankles
Feeling bloated/heavy
Clothes might start to feel tight around the waist.

These are the most common ones and some people might actually experience more symptoms.


Keep drinking – we do say drink at least 2.5 litres a day, but if you can drink more then carry on. If your urine is visible (yellow) when passed into the toilet then you are not drinking enough. Green tea also has diuretic properties. Avoid drinking tea and coffee as they tend to dehydrate us.

Eat foods that have diuretic properties – cucumber, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and watermelon have a very high water content and are quite good to snack on during these periods as well as being pro plus foods.

Reduce salt intake – too much salt can worsen fluid retention.

Stick to the plan – no matter how devastating you may feel after having a gain due to fluid retention, just continue with the plan, I can assure you that you will see the results the following week.

Exercise can greatly help with fluid retention problems because the body will heat up and sweat out excess water, and better circulation will reduce and prevent fluid retention in the future.

I hope these tips are useful and if you haven’t already been doing them, start today and incorporate them into your daily routine.