Every month at Slim with Ease (SWE), we celebrate our Star of the month – person who has lost the most weight in the month.

Our Star this month is; FATIMA ANGO who lives in Abuja
SWE is family. I remember when I first joined. I had tried several weight loss programs, pills and all so I was expecting the SWE magic pill. I don’t know why I was expecting anything because I started losing weight the first week I joined SWE. Months passed and there was no pill or anything of the sort and then it dawned on me that it’s all about my lifestyle.
I’ve found SWE to be the healthiest weight loss program there is – you are not stuffing yourself up with any class of food nor are you deprived. It is also the most sustainable as it is flexible.
Let me talk about support.
A few people have managed to lose weight on their own. Many of us though need all the support that we can get, especially when it comes to keeping the weight off.
SWE has supported me through my pregnancy. The doctors had termed it ‘high risk’ because of diabetes but my glucose levels remained normal throughout the pregnancy without medication!  There’s an eating plan for pregnancy and post pregnancy including postpartum blues periods. Lol!
Members are cheering no matter what little progress you’ve made. And you can see that you are not alone in your journey.
Thank you SWE. This is one life member.