Every month we celebrate our star(s) of the month, who has lost the most weight during the past month. This month our winner is, Kate Anigbogu who has lost 3.4kg

When it comes to exercise, I can do it relentlessly, it has become a passion for me but my major problem has always been with my meals.
I eat whatever is convenient for me and I am quite aware of the fact that for you to lose weight, 80% is what goes into your mouth, while exercise is just 20%.
Thanks to Eziafakaku who introduced me to SWE and this has brought about a positive change in my life.
The first two days were tough for me but after that I adapted to the lifestyle and am really enjoying it.
There is no shortcut to weight loss. Self discipline, determination and consistency is the key to weight loss.
A lot of people diet, they try to restrict themselves which often leads to overeating. They cut out food groups which make those groups more desirable to them.
SWE allows one to eat everything but in moderation.
“If I can do it, you too can”
SWE says: There is no easy way out to lose weight. One needs to be; determined, motivated, disciplined and focused.
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