Every month at Slim with ease, we celebrate our Star of the month. This month our star is Rose and she’s lost a massive 4.5kg in June.

Slim with ease as the name implies is an easy way to loose weight.
 No gimmicks just stick to the plan and the results will be visible for all to see.
I started this journey on the 8th of November 2017 as a birthday gift from my cousin Innah Spiff. Though i did not start participating till December. My start weight was 135kg’s and 6months down the lane I’ve lost a total of 17kg’s and most importantly kept it off.
That’s a big deal for me because loosing weight is very hard and being that i have a bad leg the weight loss has added a spring to my step.
 I can now walk without the panting and the pain and my Bp has been very stable.
SWE is a complete lifestyle change and allows you to eat the right food in their right proportions.