Every month at Slim with ease we celebrate our Star(s) of the Month – the person(s) that have lost the most weight in the month.
This month our star of the month has lost 3kg throughout the month of March.
Read what she have to say:

I joined Slim with Ease this year in February after being introduced to it by My Sister. At first I was unsettled and couldn’t meet up with all the requirements of preparing a meal plan. weight logging and exercise..

I had started the year with a lot of medical issues that were all fat related.
As the weeks went by, I managed to fall in line with meal plans and weight logging and was able to jump start my exercise program.

I have gained a lot from pictures posted by other members in the group. I may not always have the time to post what I eat but I certainly get ideas of what I should eat from the veterans in the group.

SWE has kept me accountable and conscious of being health focused. I now have alarms that sound in my head when my food isn’t put together correctly… I ask myself do I have all the components in what I’m about to eat? Its been a learning process and I’m still learning.

I will be recommending this group for sure to as many friends as possible …

Bibi Nwokidu

SWE says… “there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight.
Forget the gimmicks, the fad diets and all the unhealthy and unsustainable plans and let our results and testimonies speak to you”