Slim With Ease is three!

The journey so far... and a special offer for new joiners
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Our journey so far

The month of November will see Slim with Ease celebrating its 3rd  anniversary.

We now have 2 fitness motivators added to our team, who ginger up all members and motivate us all to keep moving.

We also have several medical doctors onboard who give advise when needed.

We just had our 2nd baby boy conceived and born while following the Slim with ease plan and our 3rd baby is due around Christmas.

Our 3rd year in business has seen us expanding not just across Nigeria but globally as well.

One of our goals in our 1st and 2nd year was, to change the misconception among men that, issues pertaining to weight loss and healthy eating is not just for women and they also can be predisposed to the health risks associated to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. 2017, has seen us attaining that goal as we currently have, 13 men following the Slim with ease plan.

All of our members can testify that, the slim with ease plan is an effortless and fun way to lose weight, but the only thing that needs to be learned is willpower.

At Slim with ease, we believe that losing weight should not be a miserable, grinding chore, that’s why we continue to keep our members motivated by giving them monthly challenges that keep them working hard to reach their individual targets, allows them compete against other members and against members in other states and countries.

Our members have been split into their region of residence and each region competes against each other each week, to see who can lose the most weight.

A – abroad, those who live outside of Nigeria

N – northern part of Nigeria

E – eastern part of Nigeria

W – western part of Nigeria

Last month we held a contest to find our “Member of the year” – the person whose, journey had inspired others and who had lost a considerable amount of weight.

Helen Obuninta emerged as the winner and she won a prize worth more than, 100k (one hundred thousand naira)

Spread the word!

Do you or anyone you know suffer from:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Back pain/joint pain
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalance??

Slim with ease has testimonies to prove that all these can be alleviated by following our easy plan.

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary we are offering a special discounted rate of 25k to sign up with slim with ease and be supported for 2 months. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Read all the fantastic reviews and testimonies about Slim with Ease and sign up today!