SWE as the name says is really slimming with ease. I joined SWE on November 8th 2014 at the first launching in Lagos. I wasn’t skeptical about SWE as I had followed the progress of the CEO Mrs. Nina Ndubusi with her own weight loss from the start of her own journey. I had seen the foods she posted daily that she ate and still lost a massive amount of weight. So when I joined SWE I was 100% into it. Before I joined SWE I had been at my heaviest weight in 2009, I had managed to loose some weight on my own from then with watching what i eat and exercising. I succeeded in loosing about 18  – 20kg but would yoyo up and down and then remain stagnant for about 2 years without making much progress. Upon joining SWE the weight has just been falling off. this has resulted in my being SOM Slimmer of the month on more than one occasion.
Losing weight is not an easy feat, keeping it off is even harder. But with SWE as the name says the journey becomes less tedious. All you have to do is get rid of all preconceived notions and follow the programme. It teaches you how to eat right. it has helped me to build a very healthy relationship with food. I have learnt how to cook all my favourite foods in a healthy way eliminating unhealthy ingredents that will sabotage my weight loss. i  continue to eat all my favourite foods, and still loose weight. i have formed a healthy relationship with food. the programme is  easy  to follow such that it can be done subconciously. The best part of the programme is the support which is 100%. Are you having a bad day, call on  SWE and your motivation is reactivated. Have you fallen off the wagon, call on SWE and you will be picked up. Draw a fresh line and start again. Since joining SWE I have lost a further 20kg give or take but most importantly kept if off and learnt what to do not to put it back on. The process is long but worth it. The weight was not put on in a day and will certainly not fall off in a day but we keep at it. The important thing is not to give up. People who have left SWE are coming back because they realise this is the true and definite way to go.