Slim with Ease (SWE) came to me as a breath of fresh air at a time when I desperately wanted to lose weight. For me, going into one of “those diet programs” was not an option as sustenance will always be an issue because of the associated myriads of “DOS and DONTS”.

Here I was on this fateful day of December 28, 2016 playing around on my face book (FB) page and was reminded by FB memory of a photo I shared 8 years ago. I shared the photo again on that day with a note saying “I want this lady back”. My intent was to create fun as I knew my friends would comment.
So many comments came as expected but one in particular from Eziafa (who I call my mentor) had a link attached (join SWE link). I hadn’t even had the time to open the link before I got a follow up call from her. Trust my mentor with her tenacity of purpose. She reeled out SWE to me in summary. I was particularly excited that with SWE I can eat what I like and still lose weight. That is what I call “life is good”. She further told me Nina the coordinator will call me if I am interested. Nina (our indefatigable, tough love principal of the group) called and blew my mind away. I eventually joined the group end of January 2017.

I joined the group weighing 94.6KG, despite my taking things gradually I presently fluctuate between 86KG/85KG. Still some way to go, but as the saying goes… Slow and Steady Wins the Race!!! For me, it’s not just about the weight loss, it’s now about the lifestyle -with SWE I now eat better and healthy. The most interesting part of it is that with the results I have achieved some of my friends who knew how I was before I started and seeing me now are fascinated that I eat everything I like and I am losing weight. Not to mention the Non Scale Victory (which is so visible on my clothes). My result has advertised SWE in no small way and won members to the group. My result is speaking for me.

SWE is the way to go, my partner for life…

Helen Obuninta