Every month at Slim with ease we celebrate our Star(s) of the Month – the person(s) that have lost the most weight in the month.
This month we have 2 stars who have both lost 2kg throughout the month of August.
Read what they have to say:

I’ve been with SWE for three years now. Best decision ever. When I look at my present pictures I almost cannot recognize myself.

SWE has made me have a better relationship with food such that I can eat to maintain my health. It’s not just about loosing weight (though of course that is the main objective) but also maintaining a very healthy status.

Give it a go and see what I am talking about.

Dr Inabiriyai Spiff – Port Harcourt


When I signed up for the SWE program, I followed the plan and I lost weight. Then I fell off and stopped making the right choices. A little oil here, a little unmeasured nuts and the likes and I started fluctuating. Up one week and down the following.

My breakthrough came when I realised that I was doing no one but myself a disfavor. I drew the line and became committed to sticking to the plan. No more cheating and consistency paid off.

Once you are consistent and committed to the plan the changes are inevitable. I am not where I want to be but I am miles from where I used to be. It’s like I have been handed a new lease on life and I am enjoying it.

Waking up each morning is something I look forward to. I am setting small goals that make the bigger goal more achievable.

Christy Annger – Jos
SWE says… “there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight.
Forget the gimmicks, the fad diets and all the unhealthy and unsustainable plans and let our results and testimonies speak to you”