Every month at Slim with ease we celebrate our Star(s) of the Month – the person(s) that have lost the most weight in the month.

This month we have two stars, who have both lost 3kg in the month of march.

Read what they have to say about the Slim With Ease plan.

“I’ve tried my hands on a number of weight loss programs.

Most, if not all left me deprived, with no significant progress. When I joined SWE, I really didn’t have high expectations. I thought it would be the same story.

A little time along the line, the weight kept dropping, with the added advantage of overall improved health.

The compliments keep coming too.
What I love most about SWE is its flexibility , support and emphasis on health.
No deprivation, no timing with regards to your feeding.

My progress so far speaks volumes even though some hardly believe there’s no pill or knife involved.

It’s a journey I’m loving”. – Fatima Ango (Abuja)
“Been in SWE now for 2 years plus now.
Not only have I lost weight but have been successfull in not putting the weight back on. This is most important.

Its a life style change which if followed to a tee is very rewarding.

It is user friendly and family friendly. If you fall off you can easily get back on.

It only works if your follow it.

No sitting on the fence. If you can do it you can”. Dr Inabiriyai Spiff (Port Harcourt)

SWE says… “there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight.
Forget the gimmicks, the fad diets and all the unhealthy and unsustainable plans and let our results and testimonies speak to you”