Every month at SWE we celebrate our Star of the month Рperson who has lost the most weight in the month.

Our star for the month of February has lost an incredible 7kg in one month!!

Read what she has to say;

APPREHENSION!!!! That’s the word that best describes how I felt when I was first introduced to SWE.

I didn’t know how I was going to cope with a drastic change in my life style. I loved my life style. I just didn’t want the additional weight that came with it.

So, I struggled. I struggled with myself for a whole month. Eventually, I summoned the courage to start. Even at the point of registration, I was still hesitant. I had to be “helped” to complete the process . I am glad I did.

SWE is the most “person friendly” program I’ve ever heard of. The support structure is wonderful. I haven’t felt deprived or lacking.

Nor has any craving driven me to derail. I think this is mainly because “nothing is forbidden” “everything should be moderated”. I’m able to eat those things I feel I can’t live without.

Monday’s are my best days now cos I step off my scale with a smile on my face.
It’s been a journey.

One I’ve only just started. One that’s still ongoing. I feel great. I feel I can do anything. Thanks SWE. Thanks Nina.

Nelly Ob (Abuja)