Compliments of the season from all of us at Slim with ease.

2016 has seen Slim with ease continue to grow, like a baby we are still taking baby steps, not running yet but we are walking steadily.
When Slim with ease was launched in 2014, our initial goal was designed for only those residing in Nigeria. There was a huge outcry of interested Nigerians living outside Nigeria who wanted to lose weight but could not find a suitable weight loss plan that catered for those who wanted to lose weight without compromising their normal local foods. Slim with ease listened and extended their reach by signing up people outside Nigeria, we are proud to announce that, we now have clients all over the world.

img_7131In February 2016 Slim with ease was launched in Port Harcourt, making a total of 3 major Nigerian towns where Slim with Ease has perched.

In November, we celebrated our 1st “virtual” awards ceremony, the categories and winners were:

  • Most resurgent – Mrs Jameela Sambo (Abuja)
  • Most – Compliant – Mrs Amaka Amaechi (Lagos)
  • Most active – Dr Inabiriyai Spiff (PHC)
  • Target member – Mrs Nneoma Johnson (Lagos)

All the winners were sent luxurious hampers


Despite all the highs of 2016, Slim with ease still has 3 main challenges, these challenges come in the form of;
Trying to free the minds of individuals of all, preconceived notions when it comes to eating healthy in relation to weight loss.
Trying to convince the masses that, herbal supplements, meal replacements, slimming pills/teas and fad diets-that restrict you from eating a certain food group are not sustainable. They may aid a person to lose weight at the initial period but they are not healthy and will cause more damage than good in the long run.

Trying to break the myth among men in our society who believe that, issues concerning weight and weight loss only pertain to women. Yet everyday in Nigeria a man is being diagnosed with an obesity induced ailment, if not dropping dead from such.


It’s coming to that time of the year when we start to reflect and make resolutions, with the number 1 resolution being along the lines of;

  • I will go on a diet
  • I must lose weight I want to live a healthier life style etc etc

The Slim with ease registration package costs 35k which will give you access to the members part of the website, recipes, sample menus and access and participation in the 24/7 support group, for the first 2 months.

Slim with ease is offering an additional free month (saving 7k) as a New Years gift to any one who signs up for the plan between now and the 31st of January 2017 which means you will get 3 months subscription instead of 2 months for the price of 35k.

We hope this gift coupled with all the fantastic testimonies of our current and past members will motivate and inspire you to sign up for the Slim with ease plan and start your own personal journey to a healthier you and leave you feeling; healthier and trimmer in 2017.