At SWE we celebrate every kilo lost, but every month we celebrate the person who has lost the most weight – Star of the month.

This month our star is; Dr Inabiriyai Spiff who lost a total of 2.4kg and a total of 20kg since she’s been on the plan.

Read what she has to say;

Losing weight is not easy.
Keeping it off, maintaining the weight loss even harder.

The weight loss journey has no end.
There is no destination point. It is a life long process of making change and adhering to the change.

That is where SWE comes in. It is a journey to a healthier you. A doable journey with a good support system to keep you on track.
The best deficit I’ve ever made.

If you stick with the program you will definitely reap the rewards.

SWE say: if Innah can do it so can you.