Slim with ease is officially two years old today..

We’ve survived our 2nd year.

I never knew I would make it this far, I mean running a business set up in Nigeria and supporting people from; all over Nigeria, Canada and USA not to mention the UK all from my armchair in Belvedere Kent.

It’s been a great 2nd year, with a launch in port harcourt earlier on this year, now making 3 major towns in Nigeria we have set our mark.

We cannot fail to mention the arrival of the 1st Slim with ease baby who arrived in April. He was conceived after his mother lost weight on our plan, was still on our plan while being monitored by us throughout the pregnancy and during lactation.

As we start our 3rd year we have some very exciting projects in the pipeline, which include;
A launch in Enugu
A launch on the mainland of Lagos
Revisiting Abuja

Launching of Slim with ease in Ghana!!!
So if you are Ghanaian watch this space as we will soon be calling out for volunteers that will be willing to partake in our trial program..

Slim with ease would not have made it this far without your support and on behalf of the whole team behind Slim with ease and myself all I can say is – a massive thank you to you all.

I cannot fail to mention everyone who has signed up to the slim with ease program, we definitely would not have made it this far without you trusting and believing in the SLIM WITH EASE PLAN.. A hearty thank you to each and everyone of you.

We should never forget two groups of people in life,
Those who stood behind your successes,
And those who stood against your successes.
For everyone that has;
Clicked like
Asked questions
Signposted people to us

You all are the ones who stood behind my success and you will always be remembered.

If you or anyone you know suffers from;
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Back pain/joint pain
Hormonal imbalance??

Please sign up for Slim with ease today and take advantage of our 2nd anniversary promotion which is a special discounted rate of 20k to sign up with slim with ease and be supported for 2 months – that’s 15k off our normal price.

If WE can do it then so can YOU!!

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