We’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary

We’re celebrating with a special offer throughout November


At Slim With Ease (SWE) we’ve been helping our members on their journey to a healthier version of themselves. Since we launched SWE back in 2014 we received a warm reception and have had numerous success stories you can read here on our site.

So as a way of saying thank you and to encourage you and yours to start the journey to a healthier you, we’re knocking NGN15k off the registration fee AND we’re giving new registrants the first two months free. After that you just pay NGN7k a month. This offer applies only through the month of November so tell your friends. Go on! Click the share button! Or you could just sign them up as an early Christmas present.

I’m convinced that SLIM WITH EASE indeed helps you slim with ease. No hunger pangs or bland tasting foods, no shakes and no restricted foods. Just a fresh attitude to food and you will SLIM WITH EASE!

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