All Slim with ease we like to celebrate the achievements of all our clients, at the end of each month we celebrate our SOM – Star of the month – the person who has lost the most weight.

This month our SOM is Mrs Nnenaya Udochu who lives in Port Harcourt and lost 5.5kg in the month of September.

Read what she has to say.

I have done all types of things to loose weight.

When I joined SWE, I just thought I should give it a try as my cousin succeeded in it. Besides, it encouraged eating to loose weight. That is the difference with all other attempts.

My husband used to laugh at my breakfast rituals and how meticulously I packed my lunch. Till he saw me speak in an event. He believed. I was assured of the efficacy of this life style when my doctor asked for the CEO of Slim with eases number because my numbers were too good to be real.
My blood pressure was lowered, my hb was higher, my weight steadily dropped, my skin had a glow, my hair full.

He did call, and he tries to encourage patients to join me.

I had a morbid fear of diabetes but am calm now knowing that I am in control of it not coming to me. I am not yet where I want to be, so I will keep on eating right, and exercising as much as I can.

But one thing I love most about SWE is the group., The fun, the friendship, the power of ‘we’ strengthens me and equally helpful for my blood pressure. I laugh real good

SWE just makes me happy. Me, am a life member.

If Nnenaya’s testimony has inspired you and you would like to join her and hundreds of others who have, started their journey to a healthier person, then sign up today.