We are offering 5K discount to everyone who signs up to the Slim with Ease plan from now till the 6th of June.

Do you love food but desperate to lose weight?

Would you like to lose weight without, ingesting your body with chemicals such as; slimming teas, slimming tablets and shakes?

Would you want to embark on a permanent sustainable healthier lifestyle approach that not only guarantees weight loss, but can improve your health record and that of your whole family?

Do you want to lose a few kilo’s/Ibs in time for Summer?

Then sign up and join the Slim with ease plan and join our current members as they start the:


We are offering a 5k discount for all new clients who sign up for the program between now and the 3rd of June 2016.

You have nothing to lose other than, excess kilos and gain the body you have longed for.

For more info you can email: info@e32.b3b.myftpupload.com

whatsapp: +447718997840 or BBM 58E3C53C

Sign up today at www.slimwithease.guru

Rules of challenge.

1. SWE will set your target and this will be a realistic one, based on your progress since you joined.
Targets are negotiable but only within reason – the whole idea is to PUSH you to do better!!

2. Your starting weight will be your recorded weight on Monday 23rd of May and your end weight will be your weight recorded on Monday 4th of July.

3. You MUST log in your weight every week ONLINE, to compete.
We must receive your weigh in results for the week by Tuesday evening.
If for any reason you are unable to login online, you must inform SWE and submit your weight via Whatsapp and log in by the end of that week

4. On the 4th of July if you have reached your target, you must send a picture of yourself standing on the scale so we can see the dial

5. If you reach your target  to claim your prize, you must submit a testimony to SWE preferably with a before and after picture that will be published on the website.

(We do appreciate and respect that some members, wish to remain anonymous to the outside world, that’s fine you can always submit an anonymous write up).