The Importance of Pro Plus

Do I have to add a 1/3 pro plus? The eat as much as you like plan only works, when you are mixing the two food groups together. This post hopefully will help all of you to understand to understand why Slim with Ease recommend a 1/3 pro plus with every meal. Take a...

Ways to love our heart

In addition to what we are already doing, here are a few more ways to love our heart. 1. Have a proper breakfast. Research has proven that those who eat a healthy breakfast have lower insulin, glucose and triglyceride levels during the day – which means a lower...
Effects of obesity in surgical interventions

Effects of obesity in surgical interventions

In my various years of practicing anesthesia, I have come across several hundreds of clients who are morbidly obese to the extent that the surgery has to be cancelled or postponed until they are able to lose some weight as they pose a lot of risk to themselves and others including the risk of death.