Meet our star of the month of January 2019, she’s a student in Canada and lost 3kg in the month of January ..

SWE has been by far, one of the more challenging things I’ve undertaken.

I fell off the wagon many times. I thought that by eating rubbish and spending hours in the gym I’d achieve the desired results. I used to get annoyed when I stepped on a scale and saw no change. But then I was told that your diet is 90% of the entire thing. So I decided to give it a try and actually stick with it. At first it was very difficult, because as a student there is temptation everywhere. But then it gradually became easier. 

One tip I learnt from SWE that really helped was using the same size plate for every meal. It helped my stomach get used to the same amount of food everytime, and to stop heaping huge amounts of food on my plate and forcing myself to finish it. 

I am very grateful and happy that the results have manifested themselves. It’s only up from here! 


Nmesomachi Nwokolo – Canada