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Nina Ndubuisi

Nina Ndubuisi


I was seriously overweight for as long as I can remember, I fluctuated between a size 32 and a size 28, sometimes the size 32 clothes were even tight on me but I was able to get along by wearing skirts and jogging bottoms that had elasticated waistbands.

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I am obese and (not) sexy. Help!

‘It’s painful,’ Makua moaned.

‘What is painful now?’ Ojo snapped, rolling over to his side of the bed. He sat up on the edge of the bed and buried his head in his hands. He looked a sorry sight indeed.

Healthy eyes

There is a saying that your eyes are windows to your soul. I don’t know about that but I do know that a lot of systemic illnesses can manifest in your eyes.

One of the problems with weight gain is diabetes caused by high blood sugar. This increases the risk of eye problems.

Health benefits of losing weight

Did you know that losing weight can help you change your health history? It can help with health problems such as knee pains, diabetes and even breathing problems.


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If you can’t find an answer in our FAQs to those burning questions you can contact us in a variety of ways from emailing to chatting with us on our website or Facebook page.

I have been on several diets before and I have never really lost weight, what makes this plan different?

We agree that diets do not work as they are quite regimental and restrictive. The Slim with Ease plan is not a diet but a complete lifestyle change, as you are still able to enjoy your favourite foods and there is an allowance for snacks which can be consumed daily.

What type of support will I get if I sign up?

You will be given an initial consultation, which will require you submitting your statistics (weight, height, bust/chest, hips, thighs and arm measurements). You will then be asked to submit a sample of your eating habits. The plan will be explained to you, all the tools you require to follow the plan will be available in the member’s only part of the website. You will be required to submit your weekly food journal and weekly weight every week, these will be reviewed and feedback given.

Very soon you will be able to attend weekly groups in your area as we are looking at setting these up.

How much weight will I lose every week?

We cannot guarantee the exact amount of weight you will lose on a weekly basis, but studies suggest that people who follow healthy eating plans tend to lose at least 1kg a week although this depends on how committed you are and can vary with individuals. There may come a time when you may feel you are no longer losing weight and you might reach a plateau, your weight loss may not reflect on the scales but you may be losing inches – that is why it is important we have your measurements from the start.

I need to lose weight from my stomach.

We advise you to stay away from any plan (diet, pills etc), that advertises that it can help you lose weight from a particular part of your body as when you begin to lose weight in a healthy way the fat will disappear from all parts of the body.